How To Use SEO To Drive Free Traffic To Your Site

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process involved in improving a website’s ranking in search results for specific keywords or phrases. In recent years the focus has been more on link building as an important factor in successful search engine optimization. Link building represents the effort to build inbound links from other websites with an aim to increase the popularity or PageRank of the specific website being promoted. The process is a highly technical one but the basic idea behind it is to provide useful information to users regarding the nature of the website and then link them to related sites on the Internet.

It’s a good thing to keep some tips in mind when you’re going to undertake link building. An important factor to remember is that you must focus on providing interesting and enticing content that will draw in visitors to your site. As search engines are getting smarter, the process of link building can have a greater effect on a website’s ranking. Another point to consider is that, the better the content, the better the backlinks. This will lead to higher search results for that particular website.

One of the most important ranking factors for SEO is backlink building. Backlinks are incoming links from other websites that are directed towards your own. This gives you high rankings on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The best way to get high quality backlinks is to hire reputable link building companies to do it for you.

Forums and blogs are great ways to drive traffic to your site without spending much money. In case you don’t have your own blog or forum, you can join various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and many more to engage in conversation. Social media is another important ranking factor in SEO. Creating valuable and useful content on your profiles, engaging in discussion and answering questions helps you build trust among your community.

Another SEO tactic is to use pay per click campaigns. There are different kinds of PPC platforms available like Google AdWords, CPA, Yahoo Search Marketing and many more. These are bidding tactics and as such you need to be very strategic in choosing which ones to bid for. These can have a direct impact on your rankings as you spend money only after achieving results. A wise SEO provider always suggests paying for results.

The last SEO tactic that we will discuss is link building from blogs and forums. It is a very good way to promote your website because you can target niches which are untapped. In link building from forums and blogs, you can either leave a comment directly to their posts or create a link in your signature block. You can also leave a comment on a post to ask questions like do some people have questions? Following these steps has the potential to drive a significant volume of traffic to your site.

The last SEO tactic we are going to discuss is about getting nofollow and dofollow attributes applied to your web pages. A dofollow attribute is a link to your website that allows other websites and blogs to put a link to your site without requiring you to put one yourself. For example, if you are selling dog supplies then you could apply a nofollow attribute to all the pages you are associated with and your products will only show up in search engines if the links are clicked. The advantages of having this attribute are that it allows you to gain link popularity and improve your search engine ranking.

Now that you have all the SEO basics you know you can start implementing some of them into your campaigns. Remember that it’s important to build link popularity to increase your search ranking. You can do this by applying to forums related to your niche and leaving comments on them. Be sure to read the forum rules and follow them. One last thing that can really help your SEO efforts is joining a link building program. These programs will provide you with plenty of link building opportunities for your sites.