What is a freelance marketing job? A freelance marketer is typically someone who makes their living on the internet. Freelance marketing is an excellent way to break into digital marketing, though you need to know how to approach building your client list and writing for certain clients. This process requires that you learn a lot of different things including SEO, article writing, web design, social networking, viral marketing, and so much more. To learn these things and become successful, you will need to learn a lot more about how the internet works, and especially SEO.

Why is SEO so important to a freelance marketer? Because search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing love content. They rank content by its quality, not just with a few keywords thrown in. That’s why freelance marketers are great copywriters! That’s why if you want to succeed as a copywriter and/or freelance marketer, you will need to learn SEO.

How does SEO work? First, let’s talk about how freelance marketing and advertising works, then we’ll discuss the importance of SEO for freelance marketers. When you advertise online, you usually have to pay either per click per thousand words, or per day. If you want to make money, you have to target your advertising to get the most possible traffic, and use SEO to help you out.

Now that you know SEO, let’s talk about digital marketing and how it works. The three steps to take to be a successful digital marketing business owner are planable, repeatable, and reliable. Let’s talk about these three steps one at a time.

Planable means you can realistically create a schedule for how much time you’ll spend focusing on your market. If you work a dead end job, you might have to work double the amount of hours to make the same money you would from a traditional job. A lot of marketers who want to quit their day jobs and become full-time digital marketers don’t have a good enough plan. But if you focus on a niche market with a limited amount of competition, then you should be able to make money in a single day job. Once you have a schedule planned, start looking for clients.

Reputable freelancers know that it takes two hands to clap. What this means is that when you’re starting out as a freelance marketer, you won’t always have the best results, and sometimes you’ll have horrible results. This is why you need to develop a plan for finding clients. First, have a project description of what you’ll do for the client. For example, if you’re working on a content marketing project description, you know that you need to write articles, optimize them for the search engines, submit them to article directories, and use an affiliate program to promote the articles.

Now that you have your project description, you can start working on the marketing part of your business. Most marketers fail because they don’t focus on advertising. Advertising is the key to your success as a freelance marketer job. Use the power of social media advertising, email marketing, and forum marketing to market your skills.

The final step is to sign up for an advertising account with a company that specializes in this type of advertising. Most freelance marketers start with Google Adsense, but this is not the most effective way of using Google’s tools. Start building a list by signing up for autoresponder accounts and from there send out email marketing campaigns. The goal is to drive a lot of traffic to your website. This will lead to more people looking at your website, and hopefully clicking on a link that will take them directly to your job opportunity.