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How To Achieve Guaranteed Results From Search Engine Optimisation

What is search engine optimisation? It is the process of optimising your web pages to receive natural, organic, free traffic from the search engine rankings page. In addition to serving targeted, appropriate search results, SEO improves the odds that your site will be quickly found and ranked highly in the search engine result pages, and that your site will be ranked within the top twenty results on the first page of search results for the particular search query. For example, if someone searches for “miserable failure” in the UK, your site might be among the top twenty results displayed, and if someone searches for the same term but with a more specific location – “Tory Burch” in London – your site may be listed in the top twenty sites listed, rather than among the twenty most generic sites.

Why is search engine marketing important? In the competitive world of modern day online business, visibility and high ranking are critical to success. If a potential customer cannot find you among the results for a particular search query, then the chance of them purchasing from you is slim. Organic, unpaid traffic is the lifeblood of any business, and SEO provides the foundation for any successful online venture. However, when a potential customer arrives at a site and finds your products and services and is unable to find them because they have been placed in the wrong location, it is unlikely that they will make a purchase. This means that unless you can guarantee visitors appearing in search results for key phrases and locations, and that these results are relevant to your product offerings, you will never achieve the success that you desire.

How is search engine optimisation achieved? The three most common methods used are: Pay per click advertising, article submission, and link building. Pay per click advertising is one method where you pay an amount to search engines for every click. Every time a person clicks on your ad, you pay the search engines, allowing you to receive direct advertising revenue.

Article marketing is another common way of achieving search engine optimisation results. Article marketing allows you to create and submit articles that are related to your niche, allowing you to place links to your site within the articles. Once these articles are approved by article directories, they are distributed throughout the internet on the web. Because links within articles to provide direct visibility to your site, this form of seo provides an unparalleled opportunity to increase your visibility and web traffic.

Link building is perhaps the most important aspect of search engine optimisation, simply because it allows you to get the most visibility for each keyword phrase. The more links you create pointing to your website, the greater the chance of search engine results pages showing your site to the consumer. There are many different ways to go about creating links. One way is through ‘pay per click’, where you pay a small fee for each individual link that you create. Another way is through forums, blogs, and user comments.

The last method that is commonly used is to build links out onto the internet. This is done by purchasing quality inbound links from high PageRank web sites. Purchasing inbound links to your site can be done for a low cost, but it is not guaranteed that your site will grow in ranking overnight. One drawback to purchasing links, especially in the case of Google, is that if you were to purchase too many, Google will de-list you from their indexing services.

Search engine optimisation techniques have evolved significantly over the years. Today there are many more ways for businesses to achieve their desired SEO results. Google has created several unique features within its search engines that allow for customisation of your SEO campaign. The major changes are the inclusion of personalisation and local results. Personalisation is an integral part of search engines and is now an absolute necessary element of achieving guaranteed SEO success.

Local SEO is essential for those webmasters that are based in certain geographical areas. This allows these webmasters to benefit from greater webmaster visibility, and in turn, increased ranking. The inclusion of geographical information in webmaster tools such as Google Places, Google Maps and Google Transit has made this process even more streamlined and effective for local SEO. It is important to utilise these new tools and features as a means of achieving guaranteed ranking success moving forward.