When you see the terms SEO or Search Engine Optimization, do you automatically think of money? It’s not uncommon to use these terms interchangeably, since they both describe the same activity. However, there is a huge difference between these two terms, and you need to understand them better in order to make the best use of both to your advantage.


Link building is usually referred to as the process of getting links from other sites back to yours, in order to increase your website’s ranking (also known as SEO). There are several ways to get links, but perhaps the most efficient way is through the natural search result page (SERP) of a search engine. You can get links from sites with similar content as yours. This can be done by reciprocal linking, where you place an advert on a website whose content you like, and vice versa.

It is possible to find some high-quality website content that is similar to yours, and then submit it to various article directories, where you can have a back link to your website from each of these sites. If you do this, you can achieve a good level of ranking for your website and improve your page rank (PR) in search engines. You can even use the search engines to drive traffic to your website, through your links.

If you want a good amount of traffic, you can also use a combination of both methods. You can write articles and distribute them to other websites. Then, you can link to their sites, using your link in the resource box, and you can also include them in your articles. This will create more back links to your website.

It is important to note that when you write articles to spread your links to websites, the quality of the article should be good. The more quality content you include in the article, the more back links you’ll have. As with any article, ensure the keywords in the body of the article are relevant to the website in which you are targeting. You do not want to include irrelevant keywords because search engines will not be able to index the website. your article, and it will not appear in their results.

When you use SEO to improve your website’s ranking on the search engines, it is best to stick to one method for linking to other websites, rather than mix and matching links. Some SEO experts recommend using reciprocal linking. This is the best way to get a large amount of links and to improve your website’s ranking in search engines. However, when you use this technique, you must ensure that you do not include unrelated websites.

Another technique of link building, which is becoming increasingly popular is article marketing. This involves writing articles and submitting them to article directories, where you can include a link back to your website at the end of the article. By doing this, your readers can easily click your link, increasing your search engine exposure.

Many SEO experts believe that by following this process, you can gain a lot more traffic, improve your rankings, and improve your ranking in search engines, with little effort on your part. However, there is a downside, as well.

When you use a link building, you must ensure that your articles are original, and that the links are from related sites. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of this SEO strategy. As a result, if you are a new SEO expert, or if you have never used this method, your website will suffer, as many websites will be duplicate content. and will be penalized for it.

The key to successfully implementing link building into your SEO is to choose the right method for using it. There are some good article directories, such as EzineArticles, where you can submit your articles without creating a link, or using a reciprocal link. Some of these directories will even publish your articles on their site, with a link in the resource box.

Once you’ve used the correct link building technique, you can then make your website SEO specialists an even bigger asset by providing valuable SEO advice. There are numerous tips and techniques, which are very easy to implement, but which are not discussed here.