Freelance marketing as a service is becoming more common these days. Why are there so many people who are able to make the most of their talents, by doing business via the internet, but without the need for the Internet marketing skills of say, an SEO specialist?

In other words, the sky is the limit when it comes to internet marketing and what can be achieved through this form of marketing. Whereas SEO marketing can require the use of keywords, using your own keyword in the headline of your website or blog, you have the choice of marketing your company using freelancers, whilst still being able to do all the work yourself. Which means that even if you are not a ‘coder’ you are still able to get a good return on investment in terms of savings on marketing costs.

So, why are there so many people who are able to do both SEO and freelancing, without requiring any specialised Internet marketing skills? There are a number of factors that I believe contribute to this.

One of the key differences between SEO and freelancing is that the former requires the services of a professional in order to be carried out. Whilst many have got hold of tools which can help them achieve their SEO goals and at a reduced cost.

Another difference between SEO and freelancing is that the latter requires a developer’s ability to understand code. The same tools and methods used by professional developers are used by freelancers. The main difference is that freelancers don’t need to pay for specialist development services, and they will often already have some experience with the various software packages and coding languages they use.

Still another key difference between SEO and freelancing is that it is more about the technical aspect of running a website, whereas many people who do freelance marketing, whether they are associated with SEO or not, are in a much more of a relationship-based, all-encompassing, personalized way, who are in essence, almost an online marketing expert. They would have knowledge of all areas of internet marketing, such as search engine optimisation. SEO as a separate form of marketing does not involve the same technical skills as this individual’s business online.

In fact, the more online marketing expertise you have, the more you can benefit from using freelancers. If you employ SEO experts to help you with your website, these will certainly be the main people to contact for various aspects of the business.

Freelance marketing can offer a lot of different benefits, including the ability to take the risk of working with a freelancer that you know nothing about, and to be working on your own terms. Unlike a contract, your relationship with a freelancer is much more personal, which again should offer you a number of opportunities to make the most of the relationship.

Another big difference between SEO and freelancing is that you can be a freelancer yourself. Whilst many offer a sort of basic marketing support, you have the chance to use your own set of skills and marketing methods. This again is an important consideration, and something that you may not be able to do if you are working with an SEO specialist.

Another key feature of marketing that you can now take advantage of when working without a specialist is that you don’t necessarily need to have any professional skills. With internet marketing, you don’t necessarily need to be a marketing manager or salesperson either, it is a great method of marketing that allows you to see your clients first hand, and provide them with first-class marketing services.

You are then able to create a short-term arrangement, where you will do the marketing campaign on your own time, but receive regular feedback from your client. Additionally, you can make the most of your expertise, by taking the time to improve your marketing skills, whilst still maintaining your social media presence and on-going internet marketing strategies.

These are just a few of the overall advantages which come with freelancing and SEO, but there are many others. As you can see, whilst the internet is changing, there are still many similarities and differences, and this article has discussed the most important ones that I feel are often overlooked.